Michigan’s Most Trusted Infectious Disease Doctor


Welcome! Come discover why Dr. Arnold Markowitz is one of the most prominent and successful infectious disease doctors in the Midwest! He is an infectious disease detective, and doesn’t stop until he finds answers. His patients call him caring and thorough. He and his team pride themselves on a personable approach to treating infectious disease.

Dr. Markowitz uses an investigative methodology which focuses on each individual’s unique medical history and situation. Patients are cared for within a small, intimate office setting. Calls to his office are never sent to voice mail, and patients are never rushed through an exam with the doctor. They often travel hundreds of miles to visit his Detroit-area offices.

Dr. Markowitz has practiced internal medicine for more than 20 years. He treats thousands of infectious disease patients a year, and is one of only a handful of Lyme literate doctors in the region. He also treats Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, wound infection (including animal bites and diabetes), hepatitis, and sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS.