Cellulitis/Wound Infection

I Have Cellulitis, What Should I Do?

Get relief! The earlier you treat it, the better your results will be! If you don’t get treatment, you’re more likely to develop a second or third infection due to the damage caused by the first one. About 3% of hospital admissions are for cellulitis. Don’t wait until you have to go to the ER, schedule an appointment with Dr. Markowitz.

Cellulitis is an infection that occurs after there’s been an injury to the skin. It can happen at any age, and at least 1 in 50 adults will get it.  There are many factors that can contribute to cellulitis including  diabetes, compromised immune system, having received chemo, or something as simple as an insect bite or piercing.

What Can Happen if I Wait to Treat Cellulitis?

Once the bacteria gets in the skin, it can cause a deeper skin infection and there can be secondary conditions. If you’re an immune-compromised patient, you can end up with some very serious side effects. Depending on the bacteria involved, you can get another autoimmune reaction, or even toxic shock syndrome. Cellulitis can damage connective tissue beneath the skin.

What Will Dr. Markowitz Do About Cellulitis?

Dr. Markowitz  will provide you a treatment program that will reduce damage and relieve your pain, so you can heal faster. He will delve in right away to help determine how you got it, what kind of antibiotics you may need, and the duration of the therapy. He will make sure you understand your condition, and how to potentially avoid it in the future.

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