Have you been diagnosed with Hepatitis, or do you have symptoms suggesting a liver disfunction?

Big News and New Hope for Hepatitis Sufferers

There are many types of hepatitis, and it’s important to get a correct diagnosis. There are finally some very recent successful treatments for it, even if it’s active and has caused you damage.

What can Dr. Markowitz Do?

Dr. Markowitz can help you to have a clear diagnosis and offer a treatment with reasonable means of success. He will provide you with a positive diagnoses, help you figure out how you got it, or if you can give it to someone else. He will let you know what the success rate is and potential side side effects. Please call (248) 681-0360 or contact via email Dr. Markowitz to get started on your treatment plan.

How do I know it’s Hepatitis?

Some sufferers go with no symptoms for a long time. A rash or arthritic symptoms may be an indicator. Not everyone turns yellow or becomes jaundiced. The only correct way to diagnose it is serologically, or via a blood test.

Other symtoms can be more severe, including mimicking congestive heart failure, nausea vomiting, coagulation defects, liver damage. Some types can cause fibrosis, cirrhosis and, and eventually cancer.

How does Hepatitis Happen?

It can occur through unusual blood exposure, including even manicures, and haircuts, or dental procedures.

Hepatitis can happen after tattoos, dental procedures, or even an endoscopy. It can come from needles or transfusions. There are many way to contract hepatitis. Please come in and discover the ways to cure it as well.