What is Osteomyelitis?

Osteomyelitis is an infection of the bone. It is characterized by inflammation of the marrow and the adjacent bone. It can spread throughout the body.

Who gets Osteomyelitis?

It’s most commonly seen in people who have an injury in or near the bone. It’s more frequently found in the elderly, in athletes, soldiers, and children.

How can you get it?

Osteomyelitis is often post traumatic. It is usually seen in people who have an injury in or near the bone. It can occur when bacteria is introduced into the bone during a dental procedure, in ongoing diabetic wounds, and a wide variety of other scenarios. If you think you might have it, please contact Dr. Markowitz’ office.

What happens if you don’t treat it?

Once disease gets into the bone, it can cause acute, and then chronic disease. If you wait to treat it, osteomyelitis could become chronic and may relapse later in life. It can be very painful and result in necrotic bone tissue. It can be a precursor to gangrene.

What can Dr. Markowitz do?

Dr. Markowitz will create an individual treatment plan based specifically on your situation. Dr. Markowitz will work to fine tune your treatment of osteomyelitis so that you get the best care possible. He won’t stop looking for solutions to your problems, and he will help you heal, if necessary working with a team of physicians to resolve your condition. With appropriate therapy there is a good chance of resolution.

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