There is Good News about STDs

If you are reading this, odds are, you’re a little scared. Take a deep breath and relax. Science has many ways to deal with STDs, and some very positive recent developments, and Dr. Markowitz is on the cutting edge of STD treatment. STDs aren’t just something that happens to kids, they can happen at any time in life.

The good news is, the sooner you can get tested, the sooner, you can conquer or manage the situation.

What Can Dr. Markowitz Do?

Dr. Markowitz, infectious disease detective, will help you understand your situation, including the short and long term implications, and provide treatment. He understands there are emotional repercussions and challenges, which can affect your self esteem and your life. He will walk you through, including, if necessary, helping you communicate with your partner.

“This is a serious topic, it’s sensitive, but it’s doable, and I am always happy to help my patients step away from the fear they have of the unknown to a position of managing their problems and gaining control of their lives.” -Dr. Arnold Markowitz

The Bad News

The longer you wait, the more likely you are to develop more serious problems such as secondary infections, as well as cancer, immunosuppression and dementia. Do not wait a single extra minute to take care of yourself and those you love if you suspect it’s possible you may have an STD. Get treatment.

I am embarrassed to make an appointment- What Should I Do?

It’s not necessary to tell the staff what you’re being evaluated for. Everything that passes between you and Dr. Markowitz is confidential. His approach is both compassionate and matter of fact. So no need to worry, just say you need to make an appointment call (248) 681-0360 or contact via email and it is confidential.

Diseases Dr. Markowitz treats include:

Hepatitis B & C
Herpes Simplex


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Interesting fact: STDs have been there since antiquity they haven’t gone away. Syphillis was called the French plague by the Italians and the ital plague by the French. Soldiers would send infected prostitute as a war tactic.